Pneumonia Outbreak In China: India On Alert Amid Rising Mysterious Respiratory Illness Cases In China, Karnataka, Uttarakhand Issues Advisory

Pneumonia Outbreak In China: India On Alert Amid Rising Mysterious Respiratory Illness Cases In China, Karnataka, Uttarakhand Issues Advisory
Pneumonia Outbreak In China

India is on alert amid rising pneumonia cases in China. As per reports, Karnataka, Uttarakhand government have issues fresh advisory to stay safe. Read on to know everything.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Published : November 29, 2023 1:47 PM IST

After battling the deadly coronavirus for more than 3 years, China is now in the grip of a mysterious pneumonia outbreak, which has already affected hundreds of lives. Experts have called for immediate action by the countries to contain the spread of this unusual outbreak, saying that the pattern is looking similar to what the world faced in 2020 (COVID-19 pandemic).

As per records, hospitals across China are currently overflooded with cases of pneumonia (mostly affecting kids). Some of these cases have also complained of experiencing severe respiratory symptoms.

Taking cognizance of the sudden surge in respiratory illnesses among children in China, the Karnataka government's health department has put its healthcare infrastructure across the state on alert. The action comes after the Centre issued an advisory to States and Union Territories urging them to immediately review public health and hospital preparedness measures.

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China Pneumonia Outbreak: Karnataka Health Department Issues Advisory

As per the new advisory issued by the Karnataka Health Department, seasonal flu is an infectious disease that typically lasts five to seven days and is known for its low morbidity and mortality rates. However, it poses a higher risk to infants, the elderly, pregnant women, the immunocompromised, and those on long-term medications such as steroids, who may require hospitalization.

"The current trend in China shows the reflection of what exactly happened with the COVID-19 outbreak that we all witnessed in the year 2020. Therefore, we should take this seriously from the beginning and make sure to not ignore any of the symptoms that are similar to the disease."

Symptoms of Seasonal Flu

The symptoms include fever, chills, malaise, loss of appetite, myalgia, nausea, sneezing, and a dry cough that can last up to three weeks in high-risk groups. Some of these can also persist for longer periods of time without showing any in-depth. Therefore, do not ignore your common cold and flu at any cost.

Karnataka Health Department issues advisory: Do's and don'ts

Seeing the current spread of mysterious pneumonia cases in China, here's what the government wants you all to follow, in order to stay safe:

  1. Covering the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing
  2. Frequent hand washing
  3. Avoiding unnecessary touching of the face
  4. Using face masks in crowded places

Pneumonia Outbreak In China: Uttarakhand On High Alert

The Uttarakhand government on Tuesday issued a statement, alerting people of the state to be extra careful of the current pneumonia spread in China. Three districts of Uttarakhand -- Chamoli, Uttarkashi and Pithoragarh -- share land borders with China.

"In view of the recent reports indicating a surge in respiratory illness in children in northern China in recent weeks, the Union Health Ministry has proactively decided to review the preparedness measures against respiratory illnesses, as a matter of abundant caution. This is noted to be important in view of the ongoing influenza and winter season that results in an increase in respiratory illness cases. The government of India is closely monitoring the situation and indicated that there is no need for any alarm," the ministry said.