PM greets nation on World Health Day; prays for "wonderful health"

The Prime Minister further informed, "this year's World Health Day theme is depression".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday wished World Health Day to the countrymen and prayed for their "wonderful health". "On World Health Day, I pray that you are blessed with wonderful health, which gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams and excel," the Prime Minister tweeted. He also said "the government is leaving no stone unturned to provide quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable". Presenting government's concern over healthcare, the Prime Minister said: "The Cabinet recently approved the National Health Policy, which is extensive, comprehensive and citizen friendly."

The Prime Minister further informed that "this year's World Health Day theme is depression" and that he had shared his views on the subject during the previous Mann Ki Baat, a monthly radio broadcast. Every year, April 7 is marked as World Health Day and depression has been set as the theme for 2017. World Health Organization wants to lay emphasis on depression as it involves persistent sadness or loss of interest or pleasure in things normally enjoyed. The term depression is used to describe a long period of sadness. If such sad feelings stay on for more than 2 weeks it is diagnosed as Depression. It is important to understand, that there are broadly 2 types of depression- Biological depression & Reactive depression. As the name suggests, Reactive depression refers to the sadness that is experienced in response to various causative factors like the death of a near one, financial insecurities, a broken love affair and others. Alternatively, Biological depression may have no evident cause for those depressive feelings, except for the neurochemical imbalances. Medicines have a more significant role to play in biological depression, while counselling helps immensely in the reactive depression types. It s important to remember that major depressive disorder is an illness and needs to be treated just like other ailments. Here's what you should know about depression understanding it is half the battle won (Read: World Health Day: Depression affecting 86 million in Southeast Asia, says WHO)

Source: IANS

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