Pinkathon 2017-- Mumbai-Pune endurance run in Navari saris with Milind Soman to spread breast cancer awareness

#spiritofmumbai-- Women in Navari saris and traditional attire participated in a 2 km run at Juhu beach organised by Colors Pinkathon.

Supermodel, actor, Ultraman and Pinkathon founder Milind Soman announced the launch of the Sixth Edition of COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai 2017 to be held on Sunday, December 17, 2017, at R2, MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Mumbai. The focus of India s biggest women s only running event is to encourage an active lifestyle and overall fitness amongst women while creating a much-needed awareness about breast cancer and bone health and encourage thousands of new or first-timer women to take up running.

Enthusiastic women from all over the country are coming out to participate in the event. Vidya Sagare-Dsouza, a Supply chain & IT professional who is running the Mumbai-Pune endurance run says, I have been training since last December. Till last December my maximum race distance was half marathon. I have not yet run any official Full Marathon. Since last December my weekly mileage is minimum 50km. I have already run 2 official ultras, one 50km with Pinkathon team during ThaneGoingPink, a 100km as a tribute to Milind's Ultraman achievement, 160km Pune to Mumbai in 36 hrs. Since August 21 I have judiciously followed the 13 weeks training schedule given by Milind to us.'


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But the preparation of Pinkathon is in full swing and a few of the very interesting events has already started. Women in Navari saris and traditional best participated in 2 km run at Juhu beach organised by Colors Pinkathon. This run emphasized that mere element such as dressing can stop no woman from striving towards fitness. The Nauvari Run started at 6 am with a fun warm-up session of Zumba and yoga before it. All participants wore either Navari saris or their traditional best and ran for a short 2 km. This run emphasized the fact that a mere element such as dressing can stop no woman from striving towards fitness. You should take these 6 health tests before running a marathon.

In the second event, Colors Pinkathon with Mumbai Sling Library invited baby-wearing Supermoms at 7.30 am for a short warm-up and walk. #ColorsPinkathon conducts training sessions for women to participate with their babies to emphasize on staying fit during pregnancy and post-natal period. It also highlights how healthy motherhood is a necessity in today s day and age, to be the torchbearers for healthy families. Most of the women who participated carried their babies in slings and harnesses, as they walked along the route.

Baby wearing moms

Commenting on such initiatives especially the Navari Run and Baby Wearing walk, Model and Founder of Pinkathon Milind Soman said, We want to change the mindset of women. We want women to run in whatever they wear and the way they are dressed, be it sarees, salwar kameez or even the hijabs. Clothes should not become deterrent to women s fitness. The idea is to inculcate the fitness habit in their comfort wear. We want to urge new mothers to lead a healthy life and break the stereotype of woman with infants having to stay at home. Women with infants have truly forgotten how to live for themselves, only focusing on what their child wants. The walk is for an urban woman to understand that it is important to take their children along with them as they carry on with their lives, unfettered as far as possible, by any shackles of motherhood. Run the marathon like a pro with these meal plans and running tips.

Image source: pinkathonindia/Instagram

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