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Phil Hughes' death: Could the latest model of helmet have saved his life?

Written by Shraddha Rupavate |Updated : November 27, 2014 2:45 PM IST

25-year old Australian batsman Phil Hughes, who had almost secured his place in the upcoming Brisbane test, unfortunately died after suffering a severe blow on his head during a match against NSW on Tuesday.

If you look at the video carefully, Hughes got hit on the lower left side of his head by the bouncer that he attempted to hit. The impact of the ball was so hard that within a couple of seconds Phil lost consciousness and fell on the ground. He was given CPR at the field before he was flown to Vincents hospital in Sydney in a helicopter.

What caused his death?

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Within a few hours of being admitted to the hospital, the doctors performed an emergency surgery on him to alleviate the pressure on his brain and placed him in an induced coma. Earlier, a report revealed that Phil had suffered a skull fracture that caused massive bleeding inside his brain.

His death has shocked the entire cricket fraternity. Cricketers around the world including Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara had prayed for his speedy recovery. The entire cricketing world is shaken at the fact that despite wearing a helmet, the ball hit him so severely to cause internal bleeding.

According to Eurosport, Hughes was not wearing the latest protective equipment. He was wearing an older model of the helmet -- Masuri's 'Original Test' helmet. The newer version of 'Vision Series' model provides more protection to the player compared the older version he was wearing. Eurosport quoted Masuri managing director in a statement to Sky sports that the grill of the helmet's older model is a bit away from the head, which allowed the ball to have a direct impact on the back of his head.

The new model, on the other hand, offers more coverage with the grill behind the ear and the back of the helmet is dropped down slightly. Although the difference between the two versions is just a matter of few centimeters, it remains unclear whether the new version of helmet could have saved him from the impact.

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