People walk in Delhi against cancer

CancerFebruary 4 is World Cancer Day

Thousands of people Sunday took part in the seventh annual walkathon to express solidarity with cancer patients and to mark the World Cancer Day Tuesday.Anjum Chopra, a former captain of the Indian woman's cricket team, flagged off the walkathon. Organisers put the number of people who walked at a few thousands, including an army of school students. (Read: Could you be at risk for cancer? (Gallery))

Diplomats, expatriates, business people and cancer survivors also walked or ran down the Rajpath boulevard in the heart of the capital.They were expressing support for the work done in the field of palliative care by CanSupport, the event organiser.Speaking on the occasion, Harmala Gupta, the CanSupport founder, said unlike in the West, the majority of Indians become aware of their condition when the cancer has already spread and cure becomes difficult. (Read: Diet for cancer patients during and after treatment)

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"Palliative care is a neglected field in India, with the focus of the government and private hospitals being on treatment that may not be appropriate or affordable," she said.CanSupport's annual walk aims to create awareness about cancer and to raise funds for people affected by cancer. (Read: Cancer your most common queries answered by an expert)

Source: IANS

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