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Paleo diet best to lose weight over 21 days: Study

Written by Agencies |Published : February 10, 2015 10:30 AM IST

London, Feb 9: A recent study has found that eating like a caveman i.e. veggies, can really help in losing large pounds rather than opting for crash diet plans. The Sky News experiment examined their four viewers on four different diets and observed that Paleo diet resulted best to lose weight over 21 days, the Sky News reported. (Read: How to stay healthy on a vegetarian diet)

Rick Miller, dietician said that often with crash dieting people lose water weight and sometimes muscle mass too, but body fat is exactly what dieticians focus on as it reduces health risk, and vegetarian diet plan helps in achieving the aim. Diet plans were followed by these four individuals, but accelerate the loss they were also asked to increase their physical activity like running, walking, etc. (Read: 7 reasons crash diets aren t good for you)

Source: ANI

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