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Ozone therapy may help build immunity and fight COVID-19: Experts

Ozone therapy may help build immunity and fight COVID-19: Experts

Doctors have found that ozone therapy is the complementary treatment to build immunity and fight COVID-19. Read on to know more.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : February 24, 2021 8:35 AM IST

The rapid spread of the coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 upended our lives in more ways than one. The microscopic villain, COVID-19, has infected 11,23,05,539 and claimed 24,86,641 lives across the world. While there is no standard treatment available for coronavirus, scientists are working restlessly to come up with treatments that will mitigate the effects of the infectious disease. They have been trying to make new medicines and test existing drugs to find whether they can treat COVID-19 effectively.

Ozone therapy has extensively been studied in the medical field and currently used for treating different diseases. As crusaders for ozone therapy, Dr Mili Shah and Dr Jignasha Captain found that ozone therapy is a complementary treatment to build immunity and fight COVID-19.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Dr Mili Shah says, President, Ozone Forum of India, Trustee Bisleri Charitable Trust feels "Ozone Therapy is a holistic method of treating any disease i.e. focusing more on integrated approach rather than only the affected area. To further add, Ozone therapy improves circulation, reduces infection and pain, helping in faster healing. Oxygenation is the key towards adding and energising the human body with fresh oxygen mixed with Ozone."

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Ozone Therapy is a complementary drugless therapy to help in the following conditions:

  • Non-healing wounds and ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wound infections
  • Chronic infections due to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other germs
  • Circulatory disorders like varicose veins, Ischemia, atherosclerosis
  • Skin conditions like eczema, infections, bedsores, ulcers
  • Help in cancer as supportive treatment to other mainline treatments
  • A gynaecological infection like candida, endometriosis, PCOD, Infertility
  • Ear Nose Throat ENT infections, Sinus infections, Bronchitis etc.
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism, Backaches, Spondylitis
  • Liver diseases, cirrhosis, hepatitis
  • Brain disorders, Parkinson's, Memory Impairments, etc.

Ozone Therapy Showed Positive Results In COVID-19 Patients

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Ozone Forum of India (OFI) initiated 2 CTRI registered trials on COVID-19. Both the trials are completed, and the results were promising. Bisleri International Pvt Ltd. Has been focused on creating awareness and is keen to contribute to India's Healthcare & Wellness with Ozone Therapy as a non-profit initiative. They wish to collaborate with other hospitals to dispense this therapy free for COVID patients.

Ozone Forum of India, an initiative by Bisleri Charitable Trust brings to light deeper research finding with Lokmanya Medical Research Centre, Pune on the impact of Ozone Therapy on Covid. During COVID-19, OFI began an immunity enhancing program using Ozone therapy, and treated about 230 employees during the lockdown in the corporate office. For the trails, they investigated 60 patients in Pune. After good results, they treated more than 230 patients, including those with comorbidities. In the Mumbai trial, they established safety and efficacy on 10 patients, and following this they treated more than 400 patients, including those with problems such as diabetes and obesity.

Key Findings Of The Trial

Dr Jignasha Captain, Director Development, Ozone Forum of India, says, "Ozone therapy has been successful in giving results in many different diseases as a complementary treatment and we are happy that ozone has been effective in treating COVID-19. Ozone therapy when administered systematically shows beneficial effects on modulating the activity of inflammation. Along with oxygenation, it is also helpful in the induction of endogenous production of interferons, signalling molecules that help boost immunity and fight various types of viruses."

"In this crisis time of fighting the pandemic, we need to integrate the wisdom of conventional medicine with natural healing modalities. We knew that ozone therapy was working well on COVID-19 patients and it is also very cost-effective," said Dr Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India.

According to the experts, over 2400 doctors across the country are trained on this topic and over 750 doctors administer this cure as an adjuvant along with other medicines across various lines of treatment.

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