Organ donation- You’re never too old to make a difference.

"I encourage everyone in the world to spread such message and to donate organs to the one they love"

Jaslok hospital and Research Centre has seen many cases of kidney transplant, one of which being a case of a bond between two biological sisters, where an elder sister who is already a cancer survivor donates her kidney to her younger sister at an age where not everyone can manage to stay fit with the recent lifestyle. Mrs. Philips, 71 year old women, based out in UK, Indian, married and has 3 children who is the elder sister of the recipient. In 1995, she was diagnosed with brain tumor and is also a cancer survivor. Consultations with other city doctor resulting in a negative response. However, Doctors at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre evaluated and saw that the kidney function was completely normal thus the doctors gave a go ahead for the donation. The recipient is the younger sister of the donor, Ms Patuck a 67 year old single working women, who was suffering from kidney failure and was on dialysis for the past 3-4 months. The cause of kidney failure was not certain. The level of creatinine was about 7-8 before undergoing the transplant.

After 4 days of surgery the recipient is completely normal with 0.8 creatinine. Generally, 1.2 is normal and 0.8 is perfectly normal, it has good as it could get after a transplant. Mrs Philips health is normal thus it can be understood that age is just a number, and the age can t be a barrier for absolutely nothing, it all depends on the function of the kidney/ organ. While commenting on the case, Dr. Rushi Deshpande, Sr. Consultant in Department of Nephrology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre says, We need to appreciate and encourage such spirit where a woman at the age of 71 donates her kidney irrespective of the risks. We need to spread awareness that age is not a barrier to transplantation. As long as the condition of the organ is good, age is just a number which should not stop anybody from the act of donating an organ (Read: Things you should know about kidney transplants)

Do whatever you can for your fellow sisters. I don t believe in anything upstairs I believe in humans. said the 71 year old donor Mrs. Philips.While expressing her excitement, Dr. Tarang, CEO, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre said, "Heartiest congratulations to the doctor and the patients for a successful transplantation at this age. It takes really strong women to stand up for another women that are sisters and donating a kidney is a best act of kindness and sisterhood which has been seen in this case. I encourage everyone in the world to spread such message and to donate organs to the one they love (Read: Kochi hospital performs dual live-donor transplant in a toddler)

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