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Odisha government to bear medical expenses of newborn conjoined twins again

After Jaga Kalia, Odisha state will bear the expenses of conjoined twins joined at the abdomen.

Written by Agencies |Published : December 4, 2017 10:07 AM IST

After footing the bill to separate twins Jaga and Kalia, the Odisha government on Saturday said it would bear the expenses for the treatment of newborn girl twins who are joined at the abdomen. The baby girls were born on Friday evening in a private nursing home in Nayagarh district. Later, they were shifted to Nayagarh district headquarters hospital and then to Sishu Bhawan in Cuttack following the advice of doctors. Sumitra Dutta gave birth to the twin girls, who were conjoined at their stomach, in a private nursing home at Khalipatana village near Sarankula PS in Nayagarh district. "The state government will provide all expenses for the treatment of the kids. A doctor team will be formed for the treatment of the babies. Provision of treatment outside the state will be made if required. Besides, experts will be called if required," said Health Minister Pratap Jena.

The Minister on Saturday visited Sishu Bhawan to inquire about the health of the twins. He also held a discussion with the doctors attending to the conjoined twins and their parents. The father of the twins, Kishore Kumar Dutta of Khalipatna village under Sarankula police limits, has sought government assistance that was made in case of conjoined twins Jaga-Kalia for surgery. He expressed his gratitude to the state government for promising to provide medical expenses. He also said the twins will be named Ganga and Jamuna. "The doctors are looking after the baby girls since last night. The condition of one is stated to be down. I am hoping for the best," Kishore told media persons in Cuttack.

Kishore is a security guard at a private firm and does not earn much and can't even contemplate such a costly operation. "I am getting about Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 per month. I can't save my babies with the meagre amount. If the government helps my daughters as they did in the case of Jaga-Kalia, it would come as a blessing," said the devastated father, with tears rolling down his cheeks. Sumitra said she hopes her twins would be saved with the blessings of God. "It would have been better if I would have been blessed with two daughters. Now it is up to God as to what will happen to my twins. I hope a miracle happens as it was for Jaga and Kalia," she added. Read this Identical twins, conjoined twins + other types of twins explained!

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Source: IANS

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