Obese fathers can cause these deadly diseases in their kids

Dads, take note. If you are fat, it is very likely that your kids will be born with or get afflicted with some dangerous diseases. Get fit before it is too late!

Mothers have often been the only ones to be blamed for health conditions in children. It is still wrongly believed that the health and wellbeing of a child is only the mother s responsibility especially when she is pregnant. In a country where mothers are held responsible for the child s sex, this hardly comes as a surprise. There are tons of myths surrounding the health of a child and the role of a mother in it. But scientific studies based years of research show that fathers are equally responsible for healthy or unhealthy children. Fathers health plays a huge role in determining how healthy your kid will be.

1) Your sons and grandsons could become fat: A study in the journal Molecular Metabolism states that parental obesity can have harmful effects on future generations. Father's nutrition and metabolic health can influence his sons and even his grandsons, according to Catherine Suter, Associate Professor, Victor Chang Institute. The researchers discovered that male mice who are obese when they conceive are putting their children and grandchildren at significant risk of developing metabolic disease. They were amazed to find that the grandsons of the obese mice were also predisposed to metabolic disorders just as their fathers were. They also observed that in the great-grandsons, the metabolic health was improving significantly.

2) Your daughters could be more susceptible to obesity and breast cancer: According to a study by Sonia de Assis, assistant professor in the Department of Oncology at Georgetown Lombardi, obese fathers tend to produce daughters that are heavier because of an epigenetically altered breast tissue. The researchers say they ve found evidence that obesity could change the microRNA (miRNA) signature epigenetic regulators of gene expression in both the dad s sperm and the daughter s breast tissue, suggesting that miRNAs may carry the epigenetic information from obese dads to their daughters. A fathers body weight at the time of conception affects both their daughters body weight both at birth and in childhood and likely their risk of breast cancer said the study.

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3) It ups risk of asthma in your kids: An international EU-study (ALEC), including researchers from the Centre for International Health at the University of Bergen, males who have considerable weight gain between childhood and puberty, double the risk of having asthma as an adult, and for their future offspring. the period between the age of eight and puberty is particularly important for lung health later in life. Researcher Marianne L nnebotn said that if one gains a lot of weight during this period, it doubles the risk of having asthma later in life, for both sexes, but for the boys, the risk also doubles for his future offspring.

4) It can lead to diabetes, obesity, chronic degenerative disease and premature ageing in your kids: Obese fathers cause altered gene expression in pancreas and fat of offspring - possibly leading to diabetes, obesity, chronic degenerative disease and premature ageing, says a study by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

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