Nurses’ safety is crucial to ensure quality patient care, say experts

Injuries from infected syringes and other sharp instruments are known to cause more than 20 different blood borne pathogens.

With the theme of this year s International Nurses Day being Health is a Human Right , industry experts have come together to highlight the importance of nurses safety in healthcare. They argue that nurses act as the foundation in any healthcare setting and are critical to the delivery of quality care and improved patient outcomes. This means that the health and safety of nurses are directly related to the health of the patients.

To encourage the need for creating a safety environment for nurses, Becton Dickinson India (BD), a global medical technology company leading in patient and healthcare worker safety, is driving a nation-wide campaign on International Nurses Day to enhance awareness regarding healthcare workers safety. The campaign is being driven in 60 hospitals across the country and is engaging around 5000 healthcare professionals. The organisation is also felicitating 400 nursing heads, to acknowledge their contribution and efforts.

Mangala S. Anchan, Registrar, Maharashtra Nursing Council said, 'In their daily routine, nurses face many potential health risks. Their health and safety are important elements in itself because the quality of patient care is gravely compromised if their well-being is constantly at risk. It needs to be ensured that they are equipped with skills to minimise occupational risks, ensuring their safety so that quality patient care is delivered.'

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Pavan Mocherla, Managing Director BD India, South Asia said, 'Backed by more than 120 years of tradition and heritage, BD brings an unrivaled expertise in manufacturing high quality safety-engineered medical devices to enhance healthcare worker safety. We are privileged to be a part of the industry that offers the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions in injection, sample collection, infusion therapy, surgery and disposal. On International Nurses Day, we are encouraged by our purpose of advancing the world of health and commit to equip healthcare workers with the technologies that help prevent infections while delivering quality patient care.'

According to a report published in 2016, nursing staff incur the highest number of needle stick injuries

1 . Work practices such as administration of injections, blood sampling, needle recapping and disposal, treatment of trash, are some activities responsible for needle stick injuries and infections. Out of all the potential hazards, nurses are most vulnerable to needle stick injuries. Injuries from infected syringes and other sharp instruments are known to cause more than 20 different blood borne pathogens.

Col. Binu Sharma (President, Infusion Nurses Society, India) mentioned, 'Highly qualified and competent professionals play an important role in delivering quality and safe patient care. Since 2010, INS India has aimed to bring innovative resources and opportunities to a wide range of healthcare professionals who are involved with the

practice of infusion therapy. On International Nurses Day, it is reassuring to see that our work is upholding standards of practice and quality education programs to protect patients and healthcare workers from the risks associated with unnecessary and unsafe injections practices.'

Thus, emphasizing and ensuring the safety of the present and future nursing workforce is a significant factor for the future of the entire healthcare industry.

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