Now, your index finger to decide whether you are pretty or ugly!

finger trap tipsAfter the 'thigh gap' phase and the infamous 'bikini bridge', the latest trend doing the rounds online is the 'finger trap test' which tells whether they're pretty or ugly.

According to, the test is based on the 3.1 ratio theory used by plastic surgeons for the 'perfect profile' and requires you to place your index finger against your chin and nose to see if your lips touch it. (Read: How your body image affects your sex life)

If it does touch, then only are you in the attractive category. Despite the idiocy of the phenomenon, it is trending very much, especially among women. If your finger does not touch your lips, you fall in the ugly category. Women and even men succumbing to this trend and are posting pictures online with their finger on their lips.

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This is another ploy to agitate people who have body image issues. Earlier, trends such as a thigh gap become popular with the teens which can quite unhealthy and required girls to look anorexic to get that gap between their thighs. Similarly, bikini bridge and cotton ball diet too were popularised in the same way. The cotton ball diet focussed on women eating balls of cotton dipped in juice in order to lose weight. A highly dangerous fad which could even kill you!

If these weren't enough, there were also weird surgeries such as the joker smile where people had a permanently fixed smile on their face due to surgical intrusion. It is high time people realise that these trends cannot decide one's beauty and one can only harm themselves both mentally and physically if they opt to believe and follow them.

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