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Now Cheung Chau in Honk Kong on dengue red alert

Health officials in Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong are all set to begin an equipped and efficient mosquito eradication mission to prevent increasing incidence of dengue fever.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : August 27, 2018 12:32 PM IST

Dengue has become a terror globally with Honk Kong s Cheung Chau island now under the attack of this deadly mosquito-borne infection. In order to tackle the increasing number of dengue positive cases, a stepped-up mosquito eradication program will begin today in the island, according to recent media reports. Under this preventive mission, pest control officers have been instructed to spray every home and school to check breeding of mosquitoes and further spread of the infection.

Last weekend worsened the situation even more after three more dengue positive cases got reported in the island. At present, total number of patients infected with dengue positive stand at nine, while the citywide number has gone up to 26. The remaining dengue positive cases were reported from Lion Rock Park which has been shut since August 17.

Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, chief secretary reportedly said: Starting today, pest-control missions will be extended to the whole of Cheung Chau - including densely populated and more rural areas - instead of just the areas the infected have visited.

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"The pest-control works will no longer be limited to locations near patients' residence as we had generally only eradicated mosquitoes within 500 meters near the patients' homes," he reportedly added.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department visited all the camps on the island last weekend, informed the chief secretary. According to the latest media report, he added: "The department will also start comprehensive mosquito-eradicating operations in all schools including a kindergarten, four primary and two secondary schools in Cheung Chau, to prepare for the start of classes next Monday.

"Mosquito-eradicating works will ensure citizens are safe and secured, and would bring them confidence," he reportedly added. According to him, while the outbreak has been brought under control, there are chances of new cases to get reported as dengue fever has an incubation period of between three to 14 days before the symptoms show up. The local residents have been instructed to keep an eye on preventing accumulation of stagnant water.

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