Now alcoholics can seek help online!

The battle against alcohol abuse is going online! In a society like ours where seeking rehabilitation for addiction is still considered taboo an anonymous website like can go a long way in fighting addiction-related problems.

Jointly developed by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), run by AIIMS and WHO, Geneva the service is a first of its kind in India. Dr R C Deka, director of AIIMS, said it would enable users to assess their drinking habit without meeting a doctor or counsellor. According to WHO, alcohol consumption can be blamed for 2.5 million deaths per year 4 out of every 100 deaths across the world.

A senior doctor said, The incidence of alcohol abuse among women, particularly those living in cities, is on the rise. Depression, anxiety, family history and interpersonal problems are some of the common reasons for this. Alcohol consumption is worse for women and female drinkers are likelier to suffer from hepatitis than men who drink. This is because women weigh less, have lesser body water and therefore lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes resulting in higher alcohol content in the body.

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