Now a wireless brain implant for Alzheimer's patients and wounded soldiers

alzheimer'sThe Pentagon is looking at a wireless brain implant that allows wounded soldiers to recover motor skills lost through head trauma.

According to Bloomberg, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's RFP may one day be able to successfully treat Alzheimer's disease, Fox News reported. (Read: How is Alzheimer's linked to anaemia?)

Bloomberg said that the Darpa initiative isn't designed to recover the type of memories used to recall a person's name, and instead will help wounded warriors recover 'task-based motor skills that are necessary for life or seeking livelihood.

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Where does alzheimer's originate from?

Scientists have for the first time pinpointed the part of the brain where Alzheimer's originates, a finding that can lead to early diagnosis and better treatments for the nuerodegenerative disease. Using high-resolution functional MRI (fMRI) imaging in patients with Alzheimer's disease and in mouse models of the disease, Columbia University Medical Centre (CUMC) researchers have clarified three fundamental issues about Alzheimer's: where it starts, why it starts there, and how it spreads. (Read: Alzheimer's drug to be developed within five years)

In addition to advancing understanding of Alzheimer's, the findings could improve early detection of the disease, when drugs may be most effective. 'It has been known for years that Alzheimer's starts in a brain region known as the entorhinal cortex,' said co-senior author Scott A Small. (Read: Alzheimer's disease where does it originate from?)

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