Non-metro city succeeds in its first complex heart transplant

For the first time in the country, a complex heart transplant was carried out in a non-metro city. Manoj Kumar, was discharged with a new heart on January 2 from Caritas hospital in Kerala.

In a statement to The Hindu, Rajesh Ramankutty, the doctor who headed the team that conducted the surgery, said, Heart transplant is not new in our country or in Kerala. But we have to surmount heavy odds in successfully conducting the transplant in a non-metro, which lacks many logistical advantages of a metro city.

This tough task of completing the transplant after the organ has been harvested was successful because of better resources now available in the state for organ transplantation because of the kidney transplant campaign which has now spread to liver and heart sharing. An effective platform for sharing information about availability of organs to the member hospitals has been made available by Kerala Network for Organ Sharing (KNOS). (Read: Heart transplants: how are they done? )

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After suffering a massive heart attack in January 2014, Manoj started showing symptoms of heart failure by September and the doctors were waiting since for a donor. It was on December 2 night that we got information about the availability of the organ from a private medical college at Thiruvalla. The team rushed to the college and returned after harvesting the organ in less than 30 minutes. The surgery took less than four hours, Dr. Ramankutty said, as reported by The Hindu. (Read: Green corridor in Chennai reason behind successful heart transplant)

The team comprised of four cardiologists, two heart surgeons, two anesthetists, five technicians, 25 nursing staff and 15 paramedics. Manoj is now closely monitored and the doctors hope that he will fully recover within six months.

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