'No 'Poo' trend: Why are Hollywood celebrities giving up shampoo?

Robert Pattionson 'no 'poo'Would you give up washing your hair forever? Rather, give up shampoo completely? Sounds impossible? This trend called 'No 'Poo' has become a rage, with several celebrities going gaga about it. From Jessica Simpson, Gwyneth Paltrow to Adele and Nicole Scherzinger, they are all going the 'No 'Poo' way. Men too have joined the bandwagon with Robert Pattinson, Johnny Depp and Prince Harry taking the plunge.

All you have to do is not shampoo your hair. Many people have reduced the number of hair washes they take while several others have completely given up shampoo for other natural ingredients.

Why you should try it

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The prime reason for this trend catching up is because people are becoming more aware about the side-effects shampoo has on our hair. Our scalp produces natural oils which is enough to condition our hair. When we wash it with shampoo, we strip our scalp of this natural layer. In order to compensate, our scalp produces more oil which makes our hair look greasy and the cycle is repeated every few days.

In addition to this, most shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium laureth Sulfate (SLES). These are responsible for creating that foamy lather when you mix it with water. According to Dr Sushant Shetty, Senior Consultant, Dermatologist from Sunrise Group of Hospitals, 'Both have been proven as potential irritants. Use of SLS and SLES in shampoos lead to hair being rougher in the long term. Along with this, they strip the scalp and hair of its natural oils leaving an itchy scalp and dry hair.'

Natural ways to wash your hair

Shunning shampoo does not mean you don't have to wash your hair. Here are a few ways to do so without harming your hair with chemicals.


This method involves washing hair with plain or lukewarm water. Though it will take some time for your hair to get used to it and control the natural oil, it is effective when you do it more often. This method is best-suited for people who have a normal scalp neither too greasy nor too dry.

Baking soda

Baking soda as a hair cleanser is suited for people who have a greasy/oily scalp and hair. It helps remove dirt, oil and stench from hair. All you have to do is add 1-2 tbsp of baking soda in a cup of water and then apply it on your scalp. Gently massage the same way as you would after applying shampoo. This mixture will not lather but you will find your hair to become smoother after a few minutes. Now rinse with plain water and you are done.

Apple cider vinegar

If your hair becomes too frizzy and dry, you wouldn't want to use baking soda on it but at the same time want something to cleanse it of the accumulated dirt. In this case, you can use apple cider vinegar. Mix it with water to dilute it and then rinse your hair with it. Next, rinse again with plain water. If you want, you can take a rinse of baking soda first and then apple cider vinegar to add shine and lessen the dryness it causes.

DIY herbal shampoo

It may come as a surprise but women in India relied on home-made shampoo for ages to wash their hair and keep them long and strong. You could switch to this age-old remedy even now. This shampoo is made using herbs like amla (Indian gooseberry), shikakai (fruit for hair) and reetha (soapnut). You will need powders of the three herbs. Mix them with warm water and apply the paste on your scalp and hair. Then wash with water to get soft, silky locks. You can vary the quantity of the ingredients depending on your hair type. Soapnut is more drying and shikakai gently removes the oily layer. Amla makes the hair dark and shiny.

So are you game to try this 'No 'Poo' trend and go natural?

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