Move over Maggi -- There are other 2-minute healthy snacks

Some quick and easy snacks that takes less time than making Masala Maggi.

A hot bowl of Maggi has surely been your comfort food and you can t imagine doing without it. But probably you have to say bye to it after the MSG controversy that stirred the country. (Why is MSG bad for health?)

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is carrying out a quality check, and, if necessary, will take it off the market. So what would you do without your favourite Maggi? Don t lose heart; here are a few healthy and quick options to satiate you. And some of these take even less time to prepare than your Masala Maggi.

Vegetable poha

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Poha is easy-to-make, delicious and low in fat, making it a must-try. It is produced by passing rice through iron rollers, thereby absorbing iron in the process. It is a store-house of iron. Just a single serving of poha will give you 245 kcal of energy and 11 mg of iron. Here is how you can make the healthiest poha.

Oats porridge

You can make this in a jiffy, and is super nutritious too. Oats porridge combines the goodness of oats and milk. Add some cut fruit or dried fruits to this mixture, and you have taste and health in a bowl. Don t like it sweet? Try masala oats poha with your favourite veggies. Wondering how to make it? Read here.


When nothing comes to mind, the humble sandwich can save the day! Relatively easy to make, no cooking required and quite tasty too, sandwiches are a go-to snack item. Switch to multi-grain bread for extra nutrition and add all the veggies or minced chicken to make it healthy. Here is how to make a healthy sandwich in minutes.

Scrambled eggs

Love eggs? Try this incredibly delicious and easy dish. The saut ed vegetables with eggs not only enhance the flavour of the dish but also make it very healthy. You can pair it with a simple salad or have it with toasted bread. Here are some more egg recipes that you can do it minutes.

Boiled chana-chat

A half-cup serving of chana is great to munch as a snack late afternoon or evening. Naturally fat-free and sodium-free, they lower your risk of heart disease and colon cancer. It has 360 calories. Want to make it yummier, add chopped onions and tomatoes to it and top it with some chat masala for taste.


Choose more seasonal and local fruits instead of expensive, imported ones. Locally grown fruits are better for your body as compared to fruits from other countries say, many nutritionists. Don t like munching an apple, try a fruit salad with berries, banana, melons and you have a good plateful. Here is how you can make a fruit custard in minutes.

Dried fruits

Combining raw almonds, cranberries, raw cashews, sunflower seeds and raw pistachios is a great way to perk up your spirits, stay healthy and keep hunger pangs at bay.


Homemade popcorn, made without oil or butter, is a voluminous and nutrient-dense snack. It s whole grain and is filled with fibre to keep you full and give you the psychological satisfaction of eating a lot.

And if you don't want to cook for even two minutes, then try these guilt-free snacks.

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