NSFW: Topless mother dies after smashing her head into a lamp post while hanging out of a car window (Viral video)

This is a warning signal for all the selfie and video addicts.

Gone are the days when accidents were caused by very bad luck or bad timings. In the world we are living today dangerous accidents happen while trying to take selfies and videos and it doesn't seem to stop anytime soon. Recently a woman in the Dominican Republic died while she was posing for a video in a moving car. According to media reports, this woman was a 35-year-old mother, vacationing in Moscow The whole accident was caught on a video in which she can be clearly seen topless in a moving car with her torso hanging out of the car's window and while she seemed to be having fun this stunt turned out to be fatal for her. It is assumed that her friend who was driving was taking her video. Here is the video. However, the content is graphic and strictly 18+ therefore viewers discretion is advised:

The urge of taking the perfect shot to get more likes and shares seems to have taken a fatal turn these days. In the year 2015, a man landed in the hospital with a bill amounting to $153,000 because of taking a selfie with a rattlesnake. And in the same year, a 17-year-old Russian boy lost his life due to his extreme selfie craze. Even researchers show that too much selfie sharing can reduce intimacy in relationships and that Indians are at the risk of suffering from selfie elbow . Taking selfies, videos, boomerangs etc. does have a positive impact on your mood and the likes and appreciation make you feel confident but going to an extremely dangerous extent for it is definitely unacceptable.

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