New Year, New you: Tip#20 -- Do some adventure sports with friends

It's time you get out of your AC rooms and have some fun, the adventure sports way!

It's usual for us to simply spend hours sitting in AC rooms, either for work or even at home, without moving around too much. This habit definitely tends to make us sluggish and lazy. To breakthrough something like this, it's only refreshing to plan a day of adventure sports as often as you can. It's a pleasant way of enjoying nature and gives you a chance to travel around or get on to an exciting road trip.

It is healthy to indulge in some sports even during a small vacation. You could choose from trekking, snorkeling, paragliding, rock climbing, water sports, bungee jumping or river rafting. This would also be a preferable idea for travel enthusiasts or those who've been wanting to get out of the city over the weekend. Forming a group for adventure sports could have more benefits than you may think. It's all about team spirit; it's also an interesting way to catch up with your old friends. Importantly, it's all about motivations and co-ordination, how you try to make things happen. If you are a regular at this, it would also help increase your interest in sports and fitness which is always a good thing. . Here is how cycling or using public transport can help reduce weight.

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