New Year, New You: Tip#12 -- Lock your gadgets away to spend quality time with your kids 

Are you not left with any time to spend with your kids, now-a-days? Schedule some time with them and simply ditch your gadgets. Give them the time they need from you.

As your children grow, the amount of quality time spent with the family tends to reduce. Also, it may be so that if you are away for most of the day working, it leaves you with time only over texts and calls to catch up with them. This could be a temporary fix but for a healthier relationship nothing can replace quality and personal time. Are you spending enough time with your kids, read here.

This also means, that when you are with them, be there completely. Don t get engrossed in work-mails or conference calls when you have your kids around. Showing them that you are too busy for them would only hinder your equation with them. What matters is the effort made. Have face-to-face conversations with your children, understand what is going on in their life and let them know you are there for them. This way they will be used to approaching you on various matters and not be dependent on gadgets themselves to address any issue. Set some specific time everyday or every other day so you and your kids can have some uninterrupted family time. Go out for walks, or sit together during dinner or even grab a bite in the evenings. Here is how working moms should be guilt-free at parenting.

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