New Year, New You: Tip #4 -- Get rid of your expired make-up!

Save yourself from the make-up menace and throw out all your old make-up! Time to press the 'refresh' button!

We women just love our make-up and tend to get attached to it too! However, you can't let your emotions come in the way of hygiene and health. More importantly, you should check the expiry date on the cosmetics, from time-to-time or keep track of it. Using expired beauty products may cause allergies, rashes, breakouts and even eye infections. You should be extra careful if you suffer from a skin problem or have extremely sensitive skin. Once you clear out all your old stack of make-up it gives way for some more make-up shopping, which is always fun. Here is how expired make-up can be injurious to your health.

As per a poll undertaken by luxury fashion brand Debenhams (May, 2013), it suggested that 57.7 percent of women make-up bags consist of expired cosmetics and they refuse to chuck it out, thinking it can always be of some use and also for the sake of saving a few bucks. Another reason why make-up lovers blindly stick to their stock is in case of products which have been discontinued in the market. The market is always buzzing with trendsetting products and you will always find your pick. So it's definitely time to sort your make-up kits and press the 'refresh' button! Here is guide to how long you should store your make-up.

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