New Year, New You: Tip #11 -- Take a break every one hour from your desk job

It's time you get up! Sitting comes with more health risks than you think!

If you are stuck to your desk for hours together and have no physical activity for 8-9 hours of your shift, then you are inviting trouble! It is mandatory to get some fresh air, and give yourself a few minutes to just relax. Certain health issues like reduction in your life span, increase in bad cholesterol and insulin resistance are caused due to non-activity. Due to these factors, you are also prone to weight gain as your blood sugar level may rise, decreasing your metabolism. Here is how sitting can reduce your life span.

Nudge those muscles and stretch out a little every one hour. Go ahead and play a game of table tennis if it is within your office premises or indulge in such quick games and sports for at least 15 minutes. Be active enough to take the stairs every time you are going down and coming back up. Know more on how sitting can add extra fat on your hips.

Besides, a breather is always great to calm your mind and break the monotony through a usual day at work. It s an easy way to refresh your mood, making you feel a little more energetic to pull through the rest of the day. Sitting can also cause your feet to swell, read here to know more.

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