New Year, New You: Tip #10 -- Go shampoo-free for a month

It's time you get onto a hair 'detox' for the year to come. Ditch those chemical based shampoos and switch to natural ingredients to shampoo and condition your hair.

Day-after-day our hair is not just subjected to harmful environmental factors but it is also put through harsh chemicals during our daily hair washing routine. Additionally, the use of other haircare and styling products strips our locks off their natural sheen and oils. There is hardly any 'breath-free' time our hair is left with. To make up for this, it is perfectly fine to skip the shampoo regime and go all natural. No, your hair won't stink or get further dirty. You are only skipping the 'detergent-like' shampoos and replacing them with natural ingredients. Doing this is beneficial as you are sparing yourself from the harmful foaming agents such hair-washing products come with.

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar could serve as great replacements. Both of these ingredients curb oiliness in the scalp, reducing greasy and dull hair. Apple cider vinegar can also help resolve your dandruff problem.

How you can use it:

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  • First take a cup full of baking soda with a cup of water, put these two into an old and empty shampoo or squeeze bottle.
  • Then take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix with 1 cup of water, put this mixture separately in another bottle.
  • Now, take some baking soda and massage thoroughly on your hair and scalp. This will help clear off any residue from hair styling products or in case you have applied some oil. Rinse this off well.
  • Move on to using apple cider vinegar which acts as a soothing conditioner for the hair. Ensure that you apply this to the tip of your hair and leave it till you are done with the rest of your bath, just like you apply your conditioner. Here is how you can make shikakai herbal shampoo at home.

So gear up to be a part of what is called the 'No-Poo' trend!

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