New drug starves and kills cancer tumours

Cancer-drugsResearchers have found a new technique to starve and kill cancer tumours.

The technique was previously used to treat patients exposed to asbestos, but researchers are now testing the drug on other cancers including ovarian, bladder, kidney and brain tumours, and are getting positive results, the Daily Express reported.

According to experts, the technique destroys aggressive cells by 'starving' them of a key protein arginine, dubbed the 'Achilles heel' of tumours.

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Dr Peter Szlosarek, of Queen Mary University of London, who is leading the research, said that this is for the first time that they have shown a drug that makes a big difference in controlling mesothelioma. (Read: New cancer drug shows promise for treating deadly disease)

Szlosarek said that they have now shown that the drug is able to extend lives and believe, that when partnered with other drugs, the drug can save lives of numerous patients.

Szlosarek explained that there are a large number of cancers relying on a naturally-occurring protein called arginine that could be starved.

Source: ANI

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