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New COVID-19 Symptoms That Can Tell You If You’re Re-Infected With Coronavirus After Getting Vaccinated

New COVID-19 Symptoms That Can Tell You If You’re Re-Infected

Have you received your COVID-19 vaccine jab? The re-infection risk is still on and here is one common symptom that can tell you if you are infected by the virus again.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Updated : June 24, 2021 9:33 AM IST

India is currently reeling under the ferocious second wave of coronavirus. After a long flight, the cases are declining in the country and to avert any further waves in India, experts are suggesting everyone gets vaccinated. Vaccinations can provide your body with antibodies to ward off the severe complexities of the novel coronavirus that you may suffer once you get infected. However, getting jabbed does not mean that you cannot contract the virus anymore. Experts have warned that one can still get infected with COVID-19 even after getting the COVID-19 shot. However, in this case, the individual's severity of the infection will be much lesser and more manageable.

In the second wave of coronavirus, the infected individuals showed some serious symptoms of the virus infection such as fever, cold, cough, breathlessness, body ache, etc. One of the most common symptoms which were found among the patients in the 2nd coronavirus wave was the loss of oxygen level in the body. Many patients complained of chronic breathing issues and dropping oxygen saturation levels in the body. With that being said, as experts say vaccines may not ensure that you are not protected from getting back the virus infection. Although, symptoms may vary from common coronavirus infections. Here's why!!

Can You Get COVID-19 Even After Taking Vaccination?

Although such cases are extremely rare, an individual who is fully vaccinated can also catch the virus infection. The only good news is the severity will be less in these individuals and they may not experience the serious symptoms of the virus attack. How to know if you are infected with the coronavirus again? Here are the symptoms you should look out for to know if you are re-infected.

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Symptoms of COVID-19 Post-Vaccination

Over the last couple of weeks, when the country was experiencing the ferocious second wave of coronavirus, one thing which was mentioned by all the experts spotted the infection in the first one or two days and start the checkups. With that being said, re-infection post-vaccination can come up with a set of new symptoms of COVID-19. Here are four such symptoms of COVID-19 that people should watch out for:

Continous Sneezing

Although sneezing was never considered as any of the symptoms of COVID-19 infection, researchers have revealed that one of the most commonly reported symptoms of COVID-19 re-infection post-vaccination is sneezing.

Difficulty In Breathing

In the second wave of coronavirus, one of the most prominent symptoms of the infection attack was shortness of breath. The virus generally attacks the lungs which eventually affects the body's oxygen level leading to difficulty in breathing. One who gets re-infected with the virus may also find it difficult to breathe and fully get air to their lungs.

Swollen Glands

One of the side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines is swollen glands especially in the armpit or near the neck area. However, these particular symptoms should disappear in a day or two post-inoculation. In rare cases when an individual experiences a persistently swollen gland there are chances of re-infection of COVID-19.

Pain In Ear

Are you experiencing a ringing sound in the ears, and muffled hearing post-COVID vaccination? Well, this could be a sign of COVID-19 re-infection. According to the experts, many patients have tested positive for coronavirus even after getting fully vaccinated.

So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms even after getting vaccinated, you must get tested for coronavirus and visit a physician as soon as possible. However, do not ignore the previous and the most common symptoms of COVID-19 which may include fever, headache, pink eyes, dip in oxygen level, pain in the body, loss of smell and taste, etc. Stay alert, stay safe.

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