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New cooling underwear launched to 'encourage healthy sperm and testosterone production'

The underwear has been scientifically tested to deal with male infertility.

Written by ANI |Updated : April 18, 2018 4:14 PM IST

Heat is bad for men - it lowers the sperm count and irritates the testes. Many couples suffer due to this issue, majorly caused due to heat. It is imperative to maintain the core body temperature in for men who are trying to conceive a baby. With summers already here, it seems difficult to overcome the issue. However, experts have found a solution. A new cooling underwear has been launched in order to tackle infertility among men. Read:The most important underwear tips Indian men need to follow.

The underwear has been scientifically tested to encourage healthy sperm and testosterone production in men by lowering scrotal temperature on a consistent basis, thus improving fertility.

The garment is possessed with the removable ergonomic frozen wedge, which will keep men cool down there and help them keep their calm. Here are tips to choose the right men's underwear.

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The maker of the product got inspired by a crisis faced by a friend who faced issues in conceiving due to heat. Together, they started researching and came up with this indigenous solution.

Named the Snowballs, the undie comes in stretchable organic cotton material and removable scrotum cooling pad. (ANI)

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