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New beaded leggings could help you get rid of cellulite

Written by Agencies |Updated : November 13, 2014 9:11 PM IST

Washington, Nov 12: A British company has come up with a pair of leggings featuring 1,200 wooden beads woven into the fabric that claims to diminish cellulite through simulated massage. The product Cellulite Crusher website said that there are many anti-cellulite products out there, but the best known way to remove cellulite is massage, ABC News reported. (Read: Treatment for unsightly cellulite now possible!)

It further states that double the effect is achieved if worn during a workout because as muscles contract they push against the beads making them put even more pressure on the skin. The company recommends wearing the leggings that retail for 68.66 dollars per pair for between 30 and 60 minutes a day at a minimum get rid of the dimpled appearance of subcutaneous fat. (Read: 5 simple tips to keep cellulite at bay)

Source: ANI

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Photo source: ANI

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