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National Awareness League: A cricket league to spread health awareness

Written by Agencies |Published : September 30, 2013 6:06 PM IST

Aiming to spread awareness among the masses about the increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart-related problems, several non-profit organisations plan to organise a women's cricket league in different parts of the country.

The first match of the event was organised in the national capital on the eve of World Heart Day which is observed Sep 29.

The awareness campaign called 'National Awareness League' is designed on the pattern of the popular cricket event Indian Premier League (IPL).

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The campaign is being run by not-for-profit organisations Svaraksh and Silver Lining Foundation. It is supported by celebrities, health organisations and people's representatives.

'There is a connection between me and this campaign. And it's about being natural. My heart is my biggest asset as it fuels my voice, my work, my passion,' said popular Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar. (Read: Take the natural route to heart health home remedies that work!)

'This idea of doing something to dissolve risk for heart like smoking, obesity and stress motivates me to be part of this campaign,' Kakkar said at a ceremony organised to launch the campaign.

According to the organiser, the National Awareness League is first of its kind campaign that is initiated to educate and encourage people for physically active lifestyle in order to counter rising non-communicable disease such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The league is a series of cricket tournament which will take place at cricket grounds of schools and colleges in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune and Kolkata.

The theme of the campaign that will run over the next 10 months is 'Now even if stents can dissolve why can't smoking, obesity and stress. Think like the scientist behind latest scientific discovery of dissolving stents, and act towards keeping natural state of heart system intact.' (Read: How are bioabsorbable stents better than regular ones?)

Speaking at the inaugural function here, Rajneesh Kapoor, director, Intervention Cardiology at Medanta Hospital, said the 'thought process' of the scientists behind development of the stent that dissolves after doing its job of unblocking choked arteries is very important as it helps arteries restore its natural form.

'Endeavour should be first to keep natural state of artery intact before heart disease sets in and secondly if there is a heart disease then early screening to be able to keep arteries as natural as possible through latest treatments,' Kapoor said.

He said regular exercise, managing stress well, simple dietary modifications and keeping away from smoking can prevent 90 percent of heart attack cases. (Read: 10 awesome fitness workouts for the perfect you!)

Member of All India Congress Committee Kamal Kant Sharma inaugurated the launch function organised at Cricket Ground, Guru Nanak Public School, in New Delhi on Sep 28.

Source: IANS

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