Nargis Fakhri shares her diet secret with Ileana D'Cruz

Nargis Fakhri and Ileana D'CruzIt seems that Nargis Fakhri and Ileana D'Cruz actually share diet secrets. For their upcoming film Main Tera Hero, the two hotties needed to show some skin and decided to go the extra mile to look hotter (which we guess means thinner to them). Nargis suggested a juice cleanse diet to her co-star which worked wonders for her. Nargis said: 'I had always wanted to try a juice cleanse. I had heard about it earlier, and I then read about how this diet gives your body a break from regular food. I then did a six-day juice cleanse and lost three kilos.' She adds, 'Ileana got curious and I convinced her to try it. She, however, could only last a day on the juice cleanse regime.'

Juicing fruits and vegetables is it healthy?

Juice diets are the latest fad endorsed by the western world in the recent age. Miranda Kerr and Nicole Ritchie swear by the health benefits of the juice diet. Remember the sinister, gooey stuff Tony Stark kept drinking in Iron Man 2? It was supposed to be a chlorophyll detox to counter balance the radio-poisoning, which basically means a mashed up juice of all things green. In times when sitting down for a long dinner seems like a luxury, a tall glass of juice tends to make up for time as well as nourishment.

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In regards to the machinery required, your usual blender should do the trick just fine. However, if you are serious about your juicing ambitions and want to extract the best out of the ingredients with a significant punch to your credit card it would be beneficial to invest in a masticating cold press. The press slowly crushes the fruit or vegetable and prevents the application of heat as is the case in blades and blenders. Thus, you end up with healthier and highly-enriched juices, with preserved colour and nutrients as compared to juices from blenders.

You absorb all the nutrients Cooking, frying and boiling the ingredients, many-a-times, lead to the destruction of a majority of the vital anti-oxidants and amino acids. Juicing helps prevent this loss and fortifies your dietary intake with a well rounded ingestion of all necessary nutrients.

Youend up eating many vegetables you never thought you would Let's face it, on any regular day, you wouldn't even dream of eating a bowl of boiled and saut ed spinach or broccoli; no matter how nutritious it'll prove to be. But now, all you got to do is throw together all of the infamous leafy veggies into the blender, add in the juice of half a lemon for zing or an apple for sweetness, and you won't even recognize the 'rabbit food' any more (as long as you ignore the slimy, gunky colour of the liquid). Read more

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