Narendra Modi to Indians: Do you want to live in filth?

Narendra ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged Indians to make the country a clean and healthy place.
'Do we want to live in filth?' the prime minister asked, delivering his maiden Independence Day speech after assuming office in May. He said keeping the country clean was 'a big task' and it would need everyone's cooperation.

'Can't our country be clean? If the people decide not to dirty our surroundings, no force on this earth can dirty it.' He said it would be ideal to make India a clean place by 2019 to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who the prime minister said was a staunch believer in cleanliness.

He also asked people to stop killing the girl child. Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew attention to the dismal sex ratio in the country, and appealed to Indians to stop female foeticide. 'Have we seen our sex ratio? Who is creating this imbalance in society? Not Almighty! I appeal to doctors not to kill the girl child,' he said addressing the nation on its 68th Independence day. He said: 'I appeal to parents not to sacrifice the girl child.'

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The prime minister said he knew of families which had five sons and big houses but sent away their aged parents to old age home. 'At the same time, I have seen families with only one daughter who has not married to take care of her parents,' he said.

Female foeticide refers to the horrible practice of aborting a female foetus. It stems from deep chauvinistic attitudes present in India and it's one of the reasons for the low sex ratio prevalent in most states. The practice is still common in both rural and urban India and even strict laws which ban any form of prenatal sex determination haven't been able to curb this evil practice.

Source: IANS

Picture Source: Getty Images

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