Mitral valve prolapse may claim your life, warns study

Mitral valve prolapse, a common heart condition, usually thought to be harmless, can actually be fatal and can be linked to sudden death syndrome, warns this study.

In case you are suffering from mitral valve prolapse (MVP), you may have to worry about a fatal consequence. That is exactly what a group of researchers from University of Adelaide came up with recently. They have linked this common heart condition thought to be harmless to sudden death syndrome, according to a recent media report.

Doctors say that mitral valve prolapse affects one in every 100 people and the condition occurs when the valves responsible for distinguishing the different chambers of the heart does not close well. This affects the way blood flows across the body. According to global studies, most cases of MVP does not require treatment.

The new study showed that 12% of people who have died all of a sudden when their heart stopped beating had MVP. "Mitral valve prolapse is condition in which the leaflets of the valve (mitral valve) that lets blood flow from one chamber to another does not close smoothly or evenly, instead they bulge upward into the left atrium of the heart," reportedly said lead author Dr Rajiv Mahajan.

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According to the media report, he added: "Over the years, there have been several case studies associating mitral valve prolapse with unexplained sudden cardiac death, however, the link had not been confirmed."

The study also highlighted that 11.7% of people who died due to sudden cardiac death (SCD) also suffered MVP. It was published in the journal, Heart.

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