Miraculous recovery: Baby goes home after six heart attacks & lung failure

Baby Vidisha gets a new lease of life thanks to Wadia Hospital's dedicated team of professionals headed by Dr Biswa Panda.

A complicated & complex paediatric heart surgery was performed successfully by an expert team lead by Dr Biswa Panda, Paediatric heart surgeon at Wadia Hospital, Parel. The 2-month old baby underwent life-saving surgery for major congenital heart defect called Transposition of great arteries.

Vidisha (Baby of Visakha) was born to a poor family in Kalyan, and at the age of two months, it was detected that she had a major congenital heart defect, Transposition of great arteries. The baby was turning blue with oxygen levels going down as low as 60%. Also, because of the delay in diagnosis, the heart disease had caused severe damage to the lungs.

Dr Biswa Panda, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon at Wadia children s cardiac centre Said It took a 12 hour-long surgery to fix the heart and the surgery was successful. However, the weak lungs could not tolerate the surgery and started failing two days after the surgery. The baby was unable to maintain oxygen levels, and the body was showing sign of oxygen deprivation.

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A new generation ventilator known as High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator (HFO) was used for saving the babies life, and once the lungs became little better the conventional ventilation was deployed added Dr Panda

Given this critical condition, the baby remained very unstable for one month and had suffered six cardiac arrests during the ICU stay, and every time it was successfully reverted without any residual defect, Said Dr Panda.

Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO, Wadia Children's Hospital Says It was a race against time, and the baby took forty days to come out of ventilator, and she stayed in the ICU for fifty days. Now the baby has completely recovered and ready to go home. Usually, in Indian scenario, public hospitals do not have such facilities and infrastructures to manage such complex diseases. Some of the private hospitals have the facility, but the cost becomes so high that only a selected number of people can handle it.

The Cardiac Surgery programme at Wadia Children's Hospital, being a public trust hospital, with the specialised team with all the modern equipment, the treatment is available to all sections of the society. The team is ready to handle all types of complex and complicated heart problems added Dr Minnie Bodhanwala.

Dr Minnie Bodhanwala said,"It's a wonderful feeling to see that after toiling to get the Cardiac Surgery Department for the last three years our team is putting in all their efforts to save the underprivileged. This gives us the opportunity of saving hearts, saving lives".

Image source: Wadia Hospital

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