Metrosexual men are the most desirable, gym buffs the least!

London, Dec 3: It turns out that women are most attracted to vain metrosexual guys, who are well groomed, says a new study. Party planner Hen Heaven conducted a survey on matchmaking app Tinder to discover which type of men women found to be the most desirable, and created profiles for each stereotype using the same model and the names and ages, the Daily Star reported.

Messages from each woman were recorded, and it was found that the metrosexual account received 39.4 percent of matches, while the gym buff type received the least of preference with only 6.8 percent of votes. (Read: 8 tips to get rid of unwanted hair for men)

Relationship expert Caroline Brealey said that metrosexuals were easily spotted in a crowd because of their good looks, and the obvious down sides could be vanity and fights over bathroom time and products, as they usually keep it stacked with grooming products. (Read: 5 must-have grooming essentials for men)

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