Men prefer women who dress 'respectfully'

If you thought you could attract a man with a low neckline and short hemline, think again! A study reveals that a majority of men prefer women dressed in a respectable way. British money saving website conducted the survey and found that 45 percent of male respondents were more likely to approach a woman who is dressed nicely, as opposed to just 31 percent of men who said they were more attracted to a woman wearing revealing clothes, reports

The remaining said they didn't care about a woman's clothes as long as they were attracted to her. 'Surprisingly, more men preferred to approach women who were wearing reserved and classy attire rather than a revealing outfit,' said George Charles of

'As the results prove, it shows that men do notice women's clothes, so perhaps keep this in mind when planning your next party outfit! Tailoring your look before going out and perhaps toning it down will make you feel more comfortable, which is the most important thing,' he added.

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Source: IANS

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