Men pick 'brains over boobs': Study

So you think big boobs can get men all worked up? Well, it turns that it's not a woman's busty chest that attracts a man towards her, it's her intelligence.

According to University of Cambridge Professor David Bainbridge, over time, surveys have shown repeatedly that intelligence has been the first thing that men look for in females, as women were likelier to be more successful as parents, which trumps over possessing huge breasts.

It also meant that she probably had smart parents and was brought up well, reported People magazine. Professor Bainbridge also added that large breasts were also likely to be asymmetric, and men prefer symmetry. Bainbridge, who's the author of 'Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape,' also said that women need not be too conscious about the length of their legs as surveys have shown most men prefer regular length.

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