Men exaggerate number of sexual partners, women downplay it: Study

Sex liesGender stereotypes still exist and we all want to be normal and will lie to keep up appearances as long as it's about sex according to new research reports the Daily Mail. Both men and women fib about their sexual performances. Men tend to exaggerate the number of partners they've had while women tend to downplay the number, to match cultural stereotypes. 'There is something unique about sexuality that led people to care more about matching the stereotypes for their gender,' said Terri Fisher, author of the study and professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

Meanwhile the study also found that men were willing to admit they'd engaged in behaviour seen more appropriate for women like writing poetry women too indulged in men-like behaviour like telling obscene jokes. 'Sexuality seemed to be the one area where people felt some concern if they didn't meet the stereotypes of a typical man or a typical woman,' said Fischer.

The study actually attached some of the subjects college students between 18 and 25 to working lie detectors though they weren't turned on. Men reported more typical-male behaviors and women reported more typical-female behaviors, regardless of whether they were attached to the lie detector or not. In non-sexual behaviour, they didn't lie about their activities. In other words, women who were hooked up to the lie detectors - and those who weren't - were equally likely to admit to bench pressing weights, a stereotypical male activity.

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'Men and women didn't feel compelled to report what they did in ways that matched the stereotypes for their gender for the non-sexual behaviours,' Fisher said.

The study appears in a recent issue of the journal Sex Roles.

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