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'MasterChef India' season four to have only vegetarian cooking

Written by Editorial Team |Published : October 31, 2014 5:54 PM IST

This time, expect only veggie culinary delights on reality show 'MasterChef India'! The show, an Indian adaptation of the internationally popular format, will see talented chefs and food enthusiasts armoured with the spatula, pans and aprons, using their creativity for fancy gourmet dishes, exotic desserts and rich Indian food -- but all vegetarian, sources from channel Star Plus told IANS. (Read: A vegetarian diet plan for bodybuilders)

From the auditions to the final competition, contestants will have to come prepared with rich exotic Indian food to impress the judges.'India has a rich heritage of vegetarian food, which has not been celebrated so far. The fourth season of 'MasterChef India' will be celebrating vegetarianism, which is getting popular all over the globe. 'This current season will give a chance to the vegetarian cooking enthusiasts who have not been able to participate in the last three seasons because they do not cook non-vegetarian food,' the source said. (Read: How to stay healthy on a vegetarian diet)

Here are some health benefits of turning vegetarian

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1. Lowers your cholesterol levels: The fact that plant sources do not contain cholesterol is enough to highlight the advantage of eating a vegetarian diet for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Your body produces cholesterol in some amounts and with daily intake of chicken or red meat your blood cholesterol levels will increase to level that it starts depositing on the walls of the blood vessels, giving rise to atherosclerosis.

2. Lowers your risk of heart disease: Animal products are rich sources of saturated fats which make them closely associated with coronary heart disease (CHD). A study analysing the association between risk of heart disease and diet found that vegetarians had a 24% lower risk of developing heart disease compared to those who eat meat. The risk was the lowest in lacto-ovo vegetarians (34% lower risk).

3. Reduces your risk of hypertension: Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians have equal chances of suffering from hypertension. But, vegetarians naturally enjoy a low sodium and low fat diet making them less likely to suffer from hypertension. Read more about 8 health benefits of turning vegetarian

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