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Man claims hair growth pill made him more womanly!

Written by Admin |Updated : July 24, 2012 3:18 PM IST

A man who took pills to help cure his baldness has claimed they turned him into a woman,he Daily Mail reported Monday. While William McKee's hair failed to grow back, the father of one said he developed breasts and his hips began to widen. Months after he sensed his shape was changing, he became a cross-dresser and went by the name of Mandi as he wore woman's clothes. The former Silicon Valley entrepreneur said he did not have any hidden desire to be a cross-dresser before taking a generic version of the hair growth pill called Propecia.

He claims the pills, which he took once a day for nine months, radically changed the hormonal balance of his body and he is now considering a full sex change. He said his baldness was hereditary and hoped that the pills would restore his thinning hair. The 38-year-old added: "My shoulders were literally falling into a more feminine position, and my hips were loosening and becoming wider as on a woman's body."

Source: IANS

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