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#MakeAMovieHealthy:  What if your favourite movies had healthy names?

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : March 12, 2015 8:12 PM IST

It's not often that we get to see really fun Twitter trends but the US certainly saw one today as @Midnight's host Chris Hardwick asked the internet to make funny movie names with a health angle. The hash tag in question was #MakeAMovieHealthy and suddenly the internet exploded. The show itself is based on internet trends and features three comedians competing against one another where the winner 'wins internet'. Here are some of the best ones we came across:

  1. Pilates Of The Caribbean
  2. The 40-Year Old Vegan
  3. When Harry Met Salad
  4. The Dark Knight Rises at 6 AM For Crossfit
  5. Schindler Lifts
  6. The Dark Knight Benches
  7. Mango Unchained
  8. Fifty Shades of Whey
  9. Space Jam: No Artificial Sugar
  10. When Harry Met Salad
  11. Fifty Shades of Whey

In fact, the idea seemed like so much fun, that we thought we'd rename some desi movies as well:

  1. Maine Protein Piya
  2. Kabhi Chest, Kabhi Shoulders
  3. Ram Tera Seena Chauda Ho Gaya
  4. Anda Apna Apna
  5. Uthaane Bhi Do Yaaron
  6. Bas Ek Set
  7. Raju Ban Gaya Muscleman
  8. Maine Supplements Kyun Liya
  9. Gym Ne Bana Diya Body
  10. Doley
  11. Gyms of Wasseypur
  12. Dumbbell Hum le Jayenge
  13. Ek Tha Trainer
  14. Kaho Naa Pyaaz Hai
  15. Leg Day

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