Maharashtra plastic ban: This is how you can replace harmful plastic items

Ditching plastic can be good for your health as well as the environment, suggests an expert.

We all use plastic in our day-to-day life to store food and other items. Do you know that plastic bags can wreck your health as the chemicals in plastic interfere with the body system? From June 23, Maharashtra will penalize anyone who uses plastic products. If you are using plastic which is banned, then you will be penalized with a minimum fine of Rs 5000 to maximum of Rs 25,000 and one could be jailed too. Below, Rutika Murudkar, a clinical nutritionist specialized in diabetes and cardiac care at Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust for cancer patients, tells you why the usage of plastic can ruin your health. Read: Say no to plastic, eat your cutlery instead!

As per Rutika Murudkar, "Tetrabromobisphenol A chemical in plastic, affects the thyroid hormones, pituitary gland function, reproductive system and the immunity system. Moreover, plastic containers and packets are chocked with harmful chemicals and can be harmful when it comes into contact with the food and can invite a lot of health problems. Read:Maharashtra plastic ban: 8 steps to minimise your exposure to plastic

Rutika Murudkar adds, "Replace plastic with stainless steel, copper utensils and glass-made products to help you lead a healthy life. Make sure that the products are eco-friendly and don't cause damage to your health as well as the environment. Avoid using plastic bags and bottles for storing food items or drinks and straws. Take care of yourself as well as the environment to make world a better place to live."

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