Maharashtra government to completely ban plastic bags by Gudi Padwa next year; here's how you can help

We ought to start somewhere to get rid of plastic carry bags.

Yes! Friday starts with a good news. Environment minister of Maharashtra, Ramdas Kadam has taken the goal of completely banning plastic carry bags in Maharashtra. The complete ban will begin from Gudi Padwa by March-April. According to media reports, the Maharashtra government also has planned to ban packaged water bottles in Mantralaya, other govt. offices, various hotels and might soon ban it restaurants too which is really a great news. Right from the drainage issue to increased toxicity, this movement will help Maharashtra big time. But for a state with such a huge population, the goal seems far-fetched if the people in the state don't participate actively and realise how important their participation is. Here are a few ways you can help reach the goal of complete plastic bags ban in the state of Maharashtra: (Read: 8 things in the environment that can harm your unborn child)

1. First of all refrain from using any kind of plastic carry bag, even from the bigger malls.

2. Smaller vendors, some of which are even illegal become a bigger problem in this case because most of their activity and things they have are hidden. Therefore if you ever happen to buy anything, discourage them from using plastic bags.

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3. Keep a cloth bag in the bag you use daily so that whenever you buy something on the way you can deny plastic bags.

4. Report people using plastic carry bags illegally even after warnings to the municipality or municipal corporation.

5. Educate others about the ill effects of using plastic bags whenever possible.

6. If you have any existing plastic carry bags put in to use in your home only and don't throw it outside.

7. Teach your kids about the ill-effects of plastic bags in the simplest way possible.

8. Pay for paper bags if required, it will be a matter of 5-10 rupees but it will really do a big favour to the environment you are staying in.

9. You really can't do anything about the Mantralaya but if you are a govt. employee. Please do adhere to the rule for the environment's sake at least.

10. Stop ordering plastic bottles at restaurants and ask for clean and fresh regular water bottles to discourage the hotel people from buying it from the larger vendors. Ultimately decline in demand will really help!

These steps are surely easier said than done but we ought to start somewhere and get involved for a better environment and it is going to help us in a long run. Share this post right now to spread the message. You might want to read why you must avoid reusing plastic mineral water bottles!

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