Maha State Min for medical education caught swearing on camera at students

After Ajit Pawar, it was his colleague Maharashtra State Minister for Medical Education Dr Vijaykumar Gavit's turn to exhibit how insulated our leaders are to the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. Dr Gavit was recently caught on camera using foul language and swear words at students of the Jamnalal Goenka Dental College in Akola. Dr Gavit is a former professor of medicine who represents the tribal Nandurbar area in the state assembly. On video he was seen shooing away students from his chamber in Mantralaya.

The college was de-recognised by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and the Dental Council of India (DCI) for not meeting the standards set for infrastructure and staff norms. The students wanted to be accommodated in other colleges.

'Baaher za mhantala na! Zaa to ka nahi? Naahitar hot asel te pan mee karnar naahi (Didn't I tell you to leave? Are you leaving or not? Otherwise I won't even do what is possible for me),' Gavit is heard telling the students in the video, while uttering swear words and asking them if they were 'acting smart'. 'It is because I am here that this is happening, otherwise, even that would not have happened,' he is heard adding. 'What sympathy? I won't do it. Go where you want to,' Gavit is heard telling the students as they asked him not to swear and added they had come to him for sympathy.

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In the earlier part of the video, the students are requesting the minister for accommodation in other colleges. We do not have the powers. Don't come to me again and again,' Gavit told the students who then said the state government had the authority in this regard. The students of de-recognised dental colleges, were supposed to be accommodated by February this year and were supposed to have their exams in May.

Not surprisingly Gavit's aides rubbished the claims saying he was doing his best to help the students and it was the students who were speaking rudely to the minister. Despite being caught on camera swearing, his aides claim he didn't behave in a manner unbecoming of a public servant and this was all an attempt to put pressure on him to expedite vested concerns.

The minister announced in the state legislative council that the state would introduce legislation to tackle the various irregularities in dental colleges. 'The department will soon introduce a legislation to monitor the functioning of the dental colleges and curb harassment of students by such college managements,' Gavit said during question hour. He was answering questions raised by Shiv Sena MLC Neelam Gore and Deepak Sawant on the irregularities at Aditya dental College in Beed district of Marathwada region. 'The committee appointed to probe the allegations found several irregularities in the dental college. The state has recommended the de-affiliation of Aditya Dental College to the Centre,' Gavit added.

The students of the Aditya dental college have complained about the college management to the medical education department and chief minister Prithviraj Chavan and were in fact being threatened by college management to withdraw their complaints. In the house, Sawant suggested the setting up a committee to monitor functioning of errant colleges and Niranjan Davkhare of the NCP demanded that the government should ensure that no harm is caused to students who are up in arms against the management.

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