Spinal cord tumour is shooting up quick with no known reasons of its occurrence

Spinal cord tumour is at a rapid rise and the experts are not yet clear about the exact risk factors resulting in these tumours. Magnetic surgery cement and its targeted drug delivery capacity can help doctors find underlying causes of tumour in spinal cord.

Spinal cord tumour has become a sign of alarm for the doctors, thanks to its increasing incidence. According to studies, malignant spinal cord tumours comprise of 32.58% of all tumours and benign spinal cord tumours make up 67.42% of all. While the doctors are not too specific about the risk factors that lead to spinal cord tumours, there is a ray of hope in treating them.

Medicine today is seeing wonder breakthrough in treatment and now scientists have come up with magnetised surgical cement for healing spinal fractures and delivering drugs to areas that are hard to reach conventionally. By adding magnetic particles to surgical cement used in curing spinal fractures, magnetic nanoparticles could be guided directly to lesions near fractures, found the researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Here, nanoparticles tied to various drugs will be used target these drugs to specific locations or types of cells in the body.

Spinal cord tumours: Why do they occur?

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Although the experts have not been able to identify the exact risk factors for spinal cord tumours, they mostly blame certain genetic defects to cause these tumours . They believe these genetic defects may be a result of prolonged exposure to some harmful chemicals. However, spinal cord tumours have been more commonly found in those suffering from Neurofibromatosis and Von Hippel-Lindau disease. A hereditary disorder, Neurofibromatosis occurs when benign tumour develop on or near the nerves related to hearing, resulting in progressive hear loss. Von Hippel-Lindau disease is a rare multisystem disorder involves blood vessel tumours in the brain, retina and spinal cord along with other kinds of tumours in kidneys and adrenal glands.

The novel procedure of targeted drug delivery using magnetic surgical cement can help doctors find out the underlying cause of spinal cord tumours, believe the doctors.

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