Madhya Pradesh gas explosion, here’s what you need to do in such cases

Knowing about the first aid measures for burns and injuries might come handy in case of emergencies.

A cylinder blast at a tea stall in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh followed by a massive blast in the surrounding building has killed more than 87 people. The incident that took place at around 8.30 in the morning has injured more than 100 people with 20of them being declared serious. And since the blast took at the wee hours in the morning, when the tea stall was almost packed, chances are high that more people might have injured. The Madhya Pradesh Government has ordered probe into the exact cause of the twin blasts. While taking the victims to the doctor is the first thing one should do, in case of minor burn injuries, here are some first aid measures that you should keep in mind.

#1 The first and the foremost thing, you should have a first aid kit that acts as a life-saver in such cases. And if you are not aware about what is it and what it should contain, go through this link for 10 essential items that your first aid should contain.

#2 For 2nd degree burns (when the skin is pinkish in colour and is extremely painful) with blisters, soak the wounds in water for around 15 minutes and dry it gently. Care should be taken while doing so as it might cause the blisters to break thereby increasing the pain and also the risk of infection.

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#3 You can even cover the injury with the help of a bandage or thin gauze as it helps in protecting the injury from further damage or infection and thus, aids in quick healing.

#4 In case the blister breaks open, a simple dressing might be required. And in such cases, use gauze bandage soaked in paraffin (and do not apply cotton over it) and then, cover it with cotton and wrap with the help of a crepe bandage.

#5 Never ever cover the burns with gel, ointments or cream till the affected area has completely cooled down.

#6 And if burns are caused due to heat, then it s wise to cool down the area by keeping under the tap for 5 minutes. Don t apply ice in such cases as it might lead to further damage due to the sudden cooling affect caused after applying it on the burns.

#7 If someone has suffered from minor cuts and bleeding, clean the area with water and then apply pressure on the area with the help of a cloth or handkerchief for at least 5 minutes for the bleeding to stop. And once it stops, remove the cloth and cover it with a fresh clean cloth or with cotton and tie it with gauze. For more information on first aid for cuts and bleeding, read this.

#8 In case of severe burns or injuries, urgent medical attention is required.

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