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Lonely? Here’s how you can deal with it!

With the fast life we are living and cut-throat competition we face in our professional life, we have forgotten to look in the mirror and talk to ourselves © Shutterstock

We have all gone through this feeling of loneliness, but here's how you can manage it and feel happy!

Written by Sudhakar Jha |Published : September 16, 2018 11:17 AM IST

Loneliness comes as a plague and destroys even the most mentally strong ones. With the fast life we are living and cut-throat competition we face in our professional life, we have forgotten to look in the mirror and talk to ourselves. And the way Bollywood has romanticised loneliness, we do not even talk about it casual gatherings due to the taboo that it has become. However, given that it can be a precursor to something more serious, we figured out some of the ways to manage it.

Recognise the reasons for your isolation: Take some time of solitude for yourself and analyse the possible reasons for your desolation. When you question yourself and scrutinise the things that you are going through, you may get answers for the scarcity of people in the forms of friends, near and dear ones to talk to or the ones with whom you share your secrets. Ask yourself questions like, "What are the occasions and times that I am loneliest?" "From when am I suffering from this agony?" and you will surely get answers. And if not the answers then you will at least address the issue head on.

Pen down your thoughts and feelings: Noting down your feelings and emotions on paper can help you in a great way in identifying the causes behind the desolation. To do this, you need to sit alone and write down the thoughts that come to your mind. From the sentiment you are going through to the activities that you do daily. It's a great way to recognise the problems that you face.

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Meditate: Yes, we have always heard that meditation calms down the body and mind. Through meditation, let your thoughts pass by your mind. Choose a comfortable and quiet place and relax by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Try to concentrate on your problems and experience the goodness around you. Notice the small things that make you happy and enjoy the moment.

Revisit friends and relatives: Haven't talked to your best friend for a long time? Don't get chance to meet him? Well, take time out and meet them. We are social creature who function in a certain way. Meeting friends and family more often will not only help you come out of the agony, but also make your bond stronger.

Associate with the community: Haven't done anything for the society that you live in? It's time you serve a community! Go visit community places like temples and spend time among people by helping them. It will not only heal you but provide you with the chance of working for others and with others. Acts like a plantation drive, animal rescue, collecting donations are good to begin with.

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