Link Between Giloy And Liver Disease Is Misleading: Ministry of Ayush

A recent study claimed that too much giloy can cause liver damage in people. However, the Ministry of Ayush recently published a report saying that these claims are misleading. Read on to know more.

Recently, a study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology found that consuming too much Giloy can lead to liver damage in people. However, the Ministry of Ayush has noticed that they failed to place all needful details of the cases systematically. The Ministry analysed the study to check for misinformation. Refuting the claims, they said the authors of the study have not analysed the thesis completely.

Link Between Giloy And Liver Disease Is Misleading

The Ministry believes that the study's authors failed to provide the necessary facts about the instances in a methodical manner. Apart from that, linking Giloy or TC to liver damage would be deceptive and harmful to India's Traditional Medicine system, as the herb Guduchi or Giloy has long been utilised in Ayurveda. The effectiveness of TC in the treatment of a variety of diseases has been extensively proven.

The experts at the Ministry believe that the authors did not examine the composition of the herb eaten by the patients. The authors must ensure that the herb ingested by the patients is TC and not something else.

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TinosporoCrispa, a similar-looking plant, may be harmful to the liver. As a result, before labelling a herb with such a deadly nature as Giloy, the authors should have attempted to accurately identify the plants using established criteria, which they did not. Aside from that, the study had several problems. For instance, the dosage the patients received by the patient is not mentioned or if they used this plant with other medications. The study did not take into account the patients' previous or current medical information. According to the ministry, incomplete information can mislead people and defame age-old Ayurveda practices.

Studies Prove That Giloy Is Beneficial

According to the Ministry of Ayush, there is scientific evidence that TC or Giloy can protect the liver, nerves, and other organs. It was discovered that the keywords 'Guduchiand safety' alone had 169 research in the public domain. Similarly, a simple search using the keywords T. Cordifolia and effectiveness returns 871 results.

"Giloy is one of the most commonly prescribed medicines in Ayurveda. It has proper pharmacopoeia standards in place of established safety of hepatoprotective properties. No adverse event is noted in any clinical practice by pharmacovigilance or in any clinical study."

Here's What The Study Claimed

The study reviewed the effects of the herb called TinosporaCorfolia (TC), commonly known as Giloy or Guduchi, in six patients in Mumbai. As per the findings, consuming it in excess can cause liver damage in individuals. The researchers speculated that it may have occurred due to direct and indirect processes involving the ancient Indian herb's metabolites or their interactions with other medicines.

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