Latest Ebola News: Scottish health worker with Ebola isolated at London hospital

London, Dec 30: A female healthcare worker, confirmed as having Ebola after returning to Scotland from Sierra Leone Sunday night, has arrived at the Royal Free Hospital in west London for better treatment. The patient was admitted to hospital early Monday morning after feeling unwell and then was placed in isolation after returning to Scotland via Casablanca in Morocco and London Heathrow, arriving at Glasgow airport late Sunday night, Xinhua reported. (Read: 4 ways Ebola virus spread in humans )

According to BBC, she left Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow early in the morning with six police cars accompanying two ambulances as she was taken to Glasgow airport. The patient was then moved to the Royal Free Hospital. Her bed there is surrounded by a tent, with access restricted to specialist medical teams. British nurse William Pooley, who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone earlier this year, was successfully treated at the same facility. (Read: Ebola frequently ask questions (FAQ))

British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who chaired an emergency Cobra meeting Monday evening, said the government was doing 'absolutely everything it needs to' to keep the public safe. Public health experts have emphasised that the risk to others is extremely low as the patient was diagnosed in the very early stages of the illness. (Read: Ebola virus signs and symptoms you need to watch out for!)

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Source: IANS

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