Latest Ebola News: Nepal begins action to prevent Ebola infection

ebola-virusThe Nepal government Wednesday decided to initiate action to make sure that the Ebola virus disease, which has killed over a thousand people in West Africa, does not enter the country, officials said. The prime minister's office Wednesday morning decided to set up a health desk with a doctor at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the country's only international airport, here to screen all Nepalis and foreigners coming from African nations, Xinhua reported.

The health ministry said the government has already asked the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to provide a space for setting up a health desk in the airport. 'If any of these people are found suspicious while undergoing screening at the health desk, they will be promptly taken to and put under strict observation at two government-owned hospitals, Bir Hospital and Teku Hospital, in Kathmandu,' Senendra Upreti, chief of the country's department of health services, told Xinhua over phone.

He added that the health desk at the TIA will be set up this week. As a large number of Nepalis, including security officials deputed on UN peace missions, live in African countries, no effort shall be spared in preventing the disease from entering the country, officials said. The ministry has also directed the two hospitals to manage 'isolation wards' for the treatment of suspected patients. (Read: Ebola virus causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention)

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Source: IANS

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