Latest Ebola News: Has Ebola reached Pakistan?

Islamabad, Nov 25: According to a media report, a man who returned from Togo died Monday in a hospital. Zulfiqar Ahmed, 40, had symptoms similar to Ebola. The patient was admitted to a hospital at Chiniot town in Punjab. His blood samples are sent for analysis to National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad. According to sources, laboratory tests will take at least two weeks for the results to arrive.

This is the first Ebola suspect case in Pakistan. Following the reports, a team from World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in Pakistan to ensure the government has made arrangements to prevent Ebola spread in the country, as per the guidelines set up. The team, during its one-week stay in the country, will visit Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi airports and some crucial entry points for travellers to inspect the arrangements made for dealing with the possible spread of the disease, Dawn online reported.

According to country head of WHO Michel Torres, the government has already taken measures to prevent the viral disease, but the team would analyse whether standard operating procedures are in place.

Earlier, Indian man, who returned from Liberia was tested positive for the deadly disease in Delhi. Although he got infected with Ebola, he had received the treatment and was deemed cured by the health officials before he landed in Delhi. His blood samples were negative for Ebola but his semen sample tested positive. He continues to be symptom-free and his tests for the killer virus have now been found to be negative, an official statement said Saturday. (Read: How the Ebola virus spreads in humans)

Here are some tips to prevent Ebola virus

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  • Avoid crowded places: Direct contact is an easier way of transfer of virus. So, the sick should be isolated from healthy individuals to prevent spread of the disease.
  • Use protective gear: For healthcare workers and medical staff, it is absolutely mandatory to use protective gear including gloves and special masks and a body suit to prevent exposure to the virus. Even healthy individuals living in affected West African countries should use gloves and mask to prevent spread of the disease.
  • Do not eat under-cooked meat: The virus seems to have transferred to humans through animals. Although bats are suspected as the original reservoir of the virus, it is also been found to spread to other animals. In any case, it is best to avoid eating undercooked meat. Read more about 8 tips to prevent Ebola infection

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